Why have a forum?

Help by Miguel Ugalde at freeimages.comWhat happens when you have a problem that needs an answer but no one to ask?  Where do you go?

All of us need support at different points of our career. Similarly, all of us have unique experiences that can benefit others. There is power and knowledge in a community because the abilities of the group are more than that of the individual.

The CME3 Forum is a community of women who are problem solvers committed to helping all women advance in programming. Whether you need advice on salary negotiation, pointers on interactions with a supervisor, help with a coding problem, or anything else, the members of our forum are here to help.

Who can join?

Are you a woman who is 18 or over? Are you Interested in coding, considering a career in programming, or currently using programming part of your job? You can join. Coding experience is not required–only a desire to learn and share. Membership is free.

Do you prefer to learn from the sidelines? You won’t be bumped for non-participation. Chime in when you are ready.

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What about social media?

We hope you’ll Like us and Follow us. However, social media is not the best platform for problem solving. It is notorious for selectively displaying posts and for changing privacy settings without notice.  We want to make sure you can find what you need when you need it.  A moderated forum is the ideal venue.

Your privacy is important

This forum is restricted to women.  Your login is private and protected by a secure socket layer (SSL–note the “https” in the URL). (Privacy policy)

Membership and content is moderated to maintain the forum as a positive arena for conversation.