Find a Mentor–Be a Mentee

A Note from the Founder

I became interested in programming as a teenager.  When I tried to enroll in a programming class, the instructor advised me not to, predicting that I would not be comfortable with the geeky boys already signed up. So, I didn’t take the class.

When I later went to college, I tried again.  I was very lucky to have an instructor who noticed me and encouraged me to consider programming as a career.  That instructor became my undergraduate mentor and helped me make key decisions that led me to be the successful programmer I am today.

I love programming, and I’m grateful for the mentors who helped me along the way. That is why I started CME3–to help others receive the kind of encouragement that made such a difference for me.

Who can be a Mentee

If you are a girl or woman interested in programming who is looking for advice, help, or support, you qualify as a mentee. We encourage you to apply to get a mentor and to join the forums (if you are 18 or older) if you are any of the following:

  • A high school student considering your options after graduation
  • A college student in a programming or science curriculum
  • A college student who is undecided about your major or is considering adding coding skills
  • A woman who wants to change careers
  • Someone who wants to learn coding for your business or hobby
  • A professional coder looking for support in any aspect of their career

As you make your journey through programming, you can serve as both a mentor and mentee.  In this program, mentees are strongly encouraged to give back to the community by becoming a mentor for other girls and women in programming.

What is involved?

Step 1: Apply for a mentor

To work with a mentor on a one-on-one basis, please register as a mentee and we will match you up with someone from our pool of advisors. After the two of you touch base, the two of you can decide if you are a good match.

Step 2: Agree on meeting arrangements

Your advisor will be available to you for one-on-one assistance via email, phone, or video chat.  For mentors and mentees in the San Diego area, you can also set up in-person meetings. Frequency is up to you.

How your mentor helps you depends on what you need, such as:

  • A specific coding issue that is blocking you
  • Ways to find training
  • Advice on interview or resume writing
  • How to deal with a particular situation at school or at work

Step 3: Forum Participation

If you are 18 or older, mentees can join our forum and ask questions there, in addition to or instead of working with a mentor.  With the forum, you have access to a larger community.