CME3 is an organization committed to helping girls and women in programming through a three-pronged approach: community, mentoring, and education.  Our mission is to significantly increase the number of women in programming.  CME3 is based in central San Diego and serves the larger metropolitan area directly. Outreach via the Internet is nationwide.

About the Founder

Shannon Whitmore is a software engineer with over 25 years of programming experience.  She has worked at startups, large corporations, and in academia as both an individual contributor and a manager.

Programming enabled Shannon to work in a wide range of domains; the partial list below will give prospective coders a taste of the exciting projects that are possible in a programming career:

  • Genetics-analysis used in time-sensitive diagnosis for premature infants
  • Earthquake and tsunami engineering for better buildings and civic preparedness
  • Performance analysis using cool 3-D visualization and haptic glove techniques
  • Deep data mining to uncover identity theft
  • Connecting scientists to high-performance computers for big science, like climate projections and the search for dark matter
  • Billing and management of smartphones

Over the course of her career, she has learned a lot about coding and about the soft skills needed to succeed as a programmer.  Shannon started CME3 to use her experience to encourage girls and women to seek careers in programming.

For more details, visit Shannon on LinkedIn.