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Women & Girls

Code is everywhere

We use software when we check out at the grocery store, fill up our gas tank, or stop at a traffic light. Code is in our kitchen appliances, our bank ATMs, and of course, our smartphones. By the year 2024, there will be 1.1 million new jobs that require coding skills.

Whether you are interested in art, astrophysics, finance, or social change, there is a job waiting for you that requires programming. And CME3 is here to help. We believe you deserve a good paying job that is personally rewarding and provides security for your future.

Our goal is to help women and girls of all races and ethnicities benefit from this rapidly growing field and thrive in the world of programming. We feel that community and mentorship are important through all stages of a coding career. CME3 can help you connect to training opportunities and assist with crucial soft skills you won’t learn in an academic curriculum.